Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sailor Suit

When WWII ended and my dad came home to his new baby daughter. With all his Navy uniforms packed away my grandmother decided to make a sailor suit for me out of one of dads. She was an excellent seamstress and could make anything without a pattern. All she needed was the image in her mind. I finally grew into it at about 2 years old but unfortunatley those photos are lost.  When baby brother Scott came along I dug out the suit and John took his picture in it. its a family heirloom! When Traci was born somehow we forgot about and when I did find it, she had outgrown it. I passed it down to her when she got married to keep for her childern. Hayden came into this world a big boy and blew right past the suit before we knew what happened. Luckily it was remembered for Jaxson and so we finally have a photo of someone else in The Sailor Suit. Scott is on the left, Jaxson on the right.


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Sandy Knecht said...

So sweet. What memories you have and will be passed done.