Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New cards

Seems like August is "THE" month to have a birthday. I have been locked in my office for the past 3 days trying to get through the numerous cards that I need for upcoming family and friends. With new "toys" to play with they sure help make it easy to create a pretty design card. These were made using the new Cuttlebug embossing folders of various styles. Some also cut out a window at the same time. Some pretty flowers either stamped and colored with Copics or some printed from photographs help make it easy to do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sailor Suit

When WWII ended and my dad came home to his new baby daughter. With all his Navy uniforms packed away my grandmother decided to make a sailor suit for me out of one of dads. She was an excellent seamstress and could make anything without a pattern. All she needed was the image in her mind. I finally grew into it at about 2 years old but unfortunatley those photos are lost.  When baby brother Scott came along I dug out the suit and John took his picture in it. Ah..now its a family heirloom! When Traci was born somehow we forgot about and when I did find it, she had outgrown it. I passed it down to her when she got married to keep for her childern. Hayden came into this world a big boy and blew right past the suit before we knew what happened. Luckily it was remembered for Jaxson and so we finally have a photo of someone else in The Sailor Suit. Scott is on the left, Jaxson on the right.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Karate Blue Belt Test

One of the greatest joys in my life to be able to share in the lives of our 2 grandsons, Hayden (7) and Jaxson (2 1 /2). We have watched Hayden from the beginning as he started karate lessons when he was 4. He seemed so small and we wondered how in the world he would ever master all the moves, kicks, punches and balancing. As we have watched him thru the years we are amazed at how he has taken to this sport. So many sports are so competitive that kids are more concerned about winning than enjoying what they do. While the various degrees of belt colors is important in karate, it is also a sport about enjoying what you do, decipline, listening, balance, self defence, stranger danger and attitude. We are proud when he competes and wins a trophy but would be proud just because he tried and did his best. I love the fact that everyone who takes part in the tournaments goes home with a trophy and no one is left out. Hayden tested on Saturday for his blue belt and did very well. When the younger kids start out they advance by belt color also but now Hayden is in the advance classes and if he continues he could be a black belt by the time he is 11.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Skype calls

I think I am finally caught up now and can start with the newer things in my life! Sorry things are so out of order but its taken me over a year to decide to go ahead with this project. Leave a comment if you wish... or just browse thru the pages.

Monday, July 12, 2010

May Karate Tournament

Hayden, our oldest grandson (7) has been taking karate lessons since he was 4 years old. He has done great and seems to really love the sport. Twice a year the school hosts a tournament and this year Hayden walked away with 3 trophies! We are really proud of him and hope he continues lessons. If he does, he could be a black belt by the time he is 11. They not only learn self defense, but stranger danger, honor, disapline and team work. He took part in 3 events this time, and won 2 1st place trophies and a 3rd.

Family May 2010

In May my brother Scott and his wife, Autumn came in for a short visit. It had been 3 years since we saw them and a visit was long over due! Since I don't fly,  they have to come home and it is not always easy in their busy lives to get away. It was a wonderful visit! Went down to the Shedd Aquarium, had a wonderful family dinner at Traci and Tim's house. She did a shrimp boil and let me tell you... there was not much left except tails, empty crab legs, and a few potatoes. For dessert, HUGE chocolate dipped strawberries and cookies. YUM!

Recent cards

Memphis 2010

Back in April, many of my classmates and friends from Gen. H. H. Arnold HS (from my days in Germany) converged on Memphis to enjoy a weekend sharing the sites and sounds of Memphis being hosted by our friend and classmate, Priscilla Presley. We had a wonderful time and she was warm, gracious and I hope enjoyed seeing us as much as we enjoyed sharing this time with her. Here are a few photos from our trip. The group photo includes those from our class of 1963 and a few friends from other classes.  Shown are 3 photos with 3 of my best friends Kay, Jane and Penny. Even hubby John had a good time and enjoyed meeting everyone.

Great America

We went on a family outing to Great America on Saturday and had a wonderful time! The main reason we went was because our niece, Breana Whalen portrays Wonder Woman at the park and we had never gone to see her in costume and in the light parade. She is a beautiful, talented young woman and we are very proud of her. The boys had a great time and it is always fun to see thier reactions and hear thier laughter when they are enjoying themselves. Wonder Woman had Capt. Feathersword pay a little special attention to Jaxson after the show and Hayden had a blast on the cars, water log ride and others. Its been many years since we have been to Great America and were suprised at how clean and well kept the  park is. It was a long day but fun to be with the family.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grandsons Photos

Delayed Postings

One of these days I will get it right and keep this updated! These past months have been very hectic yet I cannot account for the time. It just keeps passing me by. Until I can get caught up thought I would post these recent photos that my daughter took of the boys. She is becoming quite a photographer and the boys are growing up so fast!