Friday, June 1, 2012

I don't know where time goes, but here it is June and I have not posted anything for almost 6 months!
This year has been filled with mostly event of our grandson's and the time we spend with them. Watching them grow, learn and achieve is our greatest reward in life as we see so many things that Tim and Traci do for them, that we did for Traci when she was growing up. Nice to know the lessons, time and traditions we appreciated and worth passing down to her children. I am still busy with my card making for holidays, birthdays and special events. Some months are busier than others. I will post some of those for you to see along with some family pictures. Yesterday was a milestone for our youngest grandson Jaxson, he earned his yellow stripe belt in karate. He is determined to be just like his big brother and he is now on his way to the martial arts form, self-defense and discipline. Hayden is 9 and tonight he will take the 4th of a four-series of tests to earn his black belt. To us, its is totally amazing that these kids earn this high of a degree at such a young age. With this comes the responsibility of leadership, discipline and self worth. We are very proud of both boys! National Karate is one of the highest rated karate schools in the country and they sponsor 2 tournaments in the local area every year and one Diamond International Championship in Minnesota every fall. Jaxson participated for the first time in the May tournament earned a participants trophy. Hayden took 1st place in form in the May tournament.

Jaxson's event at tournament

Jaxson's first trophy

Yellow belt testing

Hayden (in blue) self - defense

Hayden sparring - he is on left

Hayden form event

1st place in form