Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 cards

Here are my efforts for this Christmas. As you card maker's know, it sometimes takes awhile to come up with an idea and then dig out what you are looking for. Next year I have made a New Years pledge to start this project earlier so I am not rushing at the last minute trying to get them done. It is fun to make them and each one is made with love and care.

This was a CASE from on of Carol Sutters scenes.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Botanic Gardens Winter Wonderland Express

Take a magical adventure to a winter wonderland of twinkling lights and holiday beauty at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Miniature trains winds over bridges, under trestles, past waterfalls, and through more than 80 mini-replicas of Chicago's favorite landmarks. This unique blend of artistic wizardry, fanciful design, magnificent horticulture, and of course, the whizzing, whistling miniature trains. Paul Busse, designer of the Model Railroad Garden, created this amazing exhibition exclusively for the Garden's holiday celebration. What a fantasic display of Chicago history, buildings and attractions. It only runs from Thanksgiving to New Years and well worth the time to go see this. Train enthusiasts will love it! There is a train in every display and several running overhead on thissel branch bridges. Its amazing to see!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thru the eyes of a child

If you ever have a problem seeing the good or beauty in something, try to view it thru the eyes of a child. Their innocence, wonder and joy makes everything right in the world. These are our grandsons, Hayden and Jaxson and I think says it all about the wonder of the Holiday Season.

Thanksgiving 2010

As has become our tradition now, we had dinner at Traci and Tim's house. Traci is a wonderful cook and sure knows how to set a table and host any dinner. We had a great time with them, the boys and Tim's mom, Joann and his uncle, Tom, brother John and his wife Amanda.  The boys beat me in several card games and it was a fun day.

Hayden Red belt testing

On Novemeber 20th, Hayden tested for his red belt in karate. He did a great job and his form is really starting to look very good. Master Nelson presented him with his new red belt. Congrats Hayden!

Master Nelson putting on his red belt

Hayden and Mr. Kook

Two very proud boys!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NorthWest Karate Tournament

Twice a year the karate school that our grandson, Hayden, belongs to has a tournament with all the local schools participating. Its like the recital after months of practice in classes. Hayden entered 3 events and did an awesome job on them all. He took 1st place in both form and self-defence and 2nd in sparring. All the kids receive participation trophies so no one goes home empty handed. its great fun to watch and amazing to see how far these kids have come. Later in the day the older kids and adults compete and there was even a 79 year old lady who is a black belt and was competing. They learn alot about self defence, stranger danger and self esteem.

This was the card I made for Hayden for these events