Sunday, July 18, 2010

Karate Blue Belt Test

One of the greatest joys in my life to be able to share in the lives of our 2 grandsons, Hayden (7) and Jaxson (2 1 /2). We have watched Hayden from the beginning as he started karate lessons when he was 4. He seemed so small and we wondered how in the world he would ever master all the moves, kicks, punches and balancing. As we have watched him thru the years we are amazed at how he has taken to this sport. So many sports are so competitive that kids are more concerned about winning than enjoying what they do. While the various degrees of belt colors is important in karate, it is also a sport about enjoying what you do, decipline, listening, balance, self defence, stranger danger and attitude. We are proud when he competes and wins a trophy but would be proud just because he tried and did his best. I love the fact that everyone who takes part in the tournaments goes home with a trophy and no one is left out. Hayden tested on Saturday for his blue belt and did very well. When the younger kids start out they advance by belt color also but now Hayden is in the advance classes and if he continues he could be a black belt by the time he is 11.

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Sandy Knecht said...

Go Hayden! He's a cutie.