Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Skype calls

I think I am finally caught up now and can start with the newer things in my life! Sorry things are so out of order but its taken me over a year to decide to go ahead with this project. Leave a comment if you wish... or just browse thru the pages.

Had a wonderful video call from my friend Kay this morning! What fun to be able to see and talk to her thru the wonders of Skype. She and her hubby, Dale, retired from their jobs in Oregon and decided to start all over again and Dale took a job with the US Army in his profession as an orthodonist in Germany. They are sharing their adventures on thier blog with all the new and old ways of living on the German economy. They met while in school there in 1961, I think it was, and now have come full circle to try something new in thier "retirement" years. She is a wonderful friend and its fun to keep in touch. Interesting to hear of thier setting up a new home, shopping and leaning a new way of life.

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