Friday, August 20, 2010

Email Subscriptions

Sorry for the confusion about subscribing to my blog. I just received a notice that they charge per month for having subscribers to a blog now. While I don't have many and don't expect to have many, I also do not want to pay for it since having the blog itself is free. So, guess the best thing to do it bookmark it if you want to check back or set as a favorite. Thanks for your understanding.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

San Diego 2010

Scott is doing alot better since his motorcycle accident and starting to feel like doing more. John was out in San Diego with him for 10 days and they managed to get out and around town some to keep Scott moving.
We have always loved San Diego and always wanted to live there, but the cost of living is so out of sight that it was never possible for us. But do love the weather, views, ocean and its a wonderful place!

While there, they went to the see the USS Midway Museum and tour the ship. Great way to experience what daily living was like aboard a ship and they have many simulators that make it all seem so real. John was aboard the Hornet while in the Navy but Scott and Autumn were  pretty impressed with the ship,
View down the street
John enjoying the sun

Yucca Tree


USS Midway
On desk of ship
Autumn and Scott
Scott feeling better

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chicago Stamping Retreat

It is always fun and exciting to be able to get together with a group of stampers, especially when one of them is the ower, creator, designer and artist of Stampscapes Rubber Stamps. Kevin Nakagawa joined us for 3 days of the ultimate stampers experience. While I did not join them for the full 3 days, I did spend several hours there on Friday. Ken Pesho also joined us again this year and he is also very talented and a wonderful artist. Here are some of the people and art from the weekend.
The Group
Ken and Kevin
Yikes! What a mess!
Inspiration board
Board 2
Kevin's scene
Ken's scene
Ken's scene
Pat Moore scene
Top scene by Kevin bottom scene by Karen Wallace
I didn't get anything done worth posting this time as my head and heart were in California with Scott and the accident he just had but if you don't understand scenic art, each item is an individual stamp.
Several are choosen to create a scene and stamped onto the artists choice of paper. Then they are colored in with either inks, Copic markers, pencils, watercolor or chalks. The results are amazing

Sandy and John

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Motorcycle accident

This has been quite a week! Last Sunday  received a phone call from my sister in law that my brother, Scott, had a bad motorcycle accident while dirt biking down in Mexico. Somehow I knew I would get that call one day! :( By some small miracle they managed to get him immediate care and then transported him to the border and was picked up in another ambulance there and transported to the University Medical Center.
7 broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken collar bone and scapula later, he had surgery and they put in 2 plates and pins to repair the collar bone. The punctured lung is healing and he is home now. Very sore, in alot of pain and realizing just how serious this was yet how much worse it could have been if he had not been wearing his helmet and leathers. The helmet is moosh. Appears the handle bars sheared off causing the accident, not his high flying tricks or jumps. This time. Thank God, he is alive and will mend. John took off this morning to go help out for about 10 days. Since travel is so difficult for me, and with my own challenges, it was better that John go alone. I am devistated that I can't be with him. Autumn is an angle. She pampers him, takes care of him and was wonderful in letting us know what was going on, calling or texting whenever she knew something. She was a real trooper. Hopefully with John there, it will give her a break and she can get back to work without worrying about Scott. We say a prayer of thanks for both of them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Cards

Still working on August cards. Guess I better hurry up and get them all done or it will pass me by! Actually think I have a start on the September batch too. Thats a first! Most of the scenic cards were made using stamps from or Sutter Stamps. They are all individual stamps ( ie: tree, branch,water, sand, birds etc. ) that are positioned on paper to create whatever scene you see in your minds eye. They are both wonderful companies and all the stamps fit well to create scenes.