Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May cards

Made a couple more cards recently. I keep promising myself that one of these days I will actually get ahead of myself and have a stock of cards to chose from when I need one. But then again, its like making a new years resolution...always meant to be broken. LOL
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Northwest Karate tournament - Hayden

Hayden took part in the National Karate Studio spring tournament today. He placed 3rd in both sparring and form and 2nd in self-defense. He did a great job and we are very proud of him. He is a brown belt now and will be practicing to acheive his next belt, brown with black stripe, striving for the ultimate black belt.

Monday, May 2, 2011

90th birthday celbration

A few friends from my grammer school days and I met in Galena, IL at Chianti's restaurant. A very quaint and charming Italian restaurant across from the Kane County courthouse. We were celebrating our favorite 6th grade teacher's  90th birthday. There is always that one special teacher that we remember all our lives and Mrs. Mary Jane Polka is just that teacher. For me she was not only my teacher but an adult friend that I needed at that time of my life. She only lived about 5 blocks from me and I would ride my bike over to her house after school and we would sit and talk. When she had her 1st baby, I was thrilled to go over and help her with the baby so she would cook or clean the house. I had not seen her until 2 years ago when our class had our 50th class reunion from grammer school. What fun to see old friends and share our lives now.

Carolyn, Mrs. Polka, Kathy
Me, Diane and Marge

This was at the reunin in June 2009
Class of 1959 Thomas A. Edison Elementry School.

Cards etc.

Easter Card for hubby

Moms day card for a friend using a cut and emboss
Cuddlebug folder and the MS punch for the butterflys

Moms day card for our daughter
This was done using flower soft for the grass and flowers
on the well and Cuddlbug embossing folder for the swiss dots