Sunday, August 8, 2010

Motorcycle accident

This has been quite a week! Last Sunday  received a phone call from my sister in law that my brother, Scott, had a bad motorcycle accident while dirt biking down in Mexico. Somehow I knew I would get that call one day! :( By some small miracle they managed to get him immediate care and then transported him to the border and was picked up in another ambulance there and transported to the University Medical Center.
7 broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken collar bone and scapula later, he had surgery and they put in 2 plates and pins to repair the collar bone. The punctured lung is healing and he is home now. Very sore, in alot of pain and realizing just how serious this was yet how much worse it could have been if he had not been wearing his helmet and leathers. The helmet is moosh. Appears the handle bars sheared off causing the accident, not his high flying tricks or jumps. This time. Thank God, he is alive and will mend. John took off this morning to go help out for about 10 days. Since travel is so difficult for me, and with my own challenges, it was better that John go alone. I am devistated that I can't be with him. Autumn is an angle. She pampers him, takes care of him and was wonderful in letting us know what was going on, calling or texting whenever she knew something. She was a real trooper. Hopefully with John there, it will give her a break and she can get back to work without worrying about Scott. We say a prayer of thanks for both of them.


Rhoneys blog said...

WOW, Sandy, your blog is awesome.. the stories/ pictures. I have one of your beautiful cards with me in Germany and the rest are in storeage:) I had forgotten the great story about the sailor suit, how special!! I'll enjoy following more about you and yours!! Take care, dear friend;) Kay

Sandy Knecht said...

Good pictures! That one with the boots sure is funny...LOL! I'm sorry to hear Autumn is an Angle and not an Angel like you told me many times...heheheee.