Thursday, August 19, 2010

San Diego 2010

Scott is doing alot better since his motorcycle accident and starting to feel like doing more. John was out in San Diego with him for 10 days and they managed to get out and around town some to keep Scott moving.
We have always loved San Diego and always wanted to live there, but the cost of living is so out of sight that it was never possible for us. But do love the weather, views, ocean and its a wonderful place!

While there, they went to the see the USS Midway Museum and tour the ship. Great way to experience what daily living was like aboard a ship and they have many simulators that make it all seem so real. John was aboard the Hornet while in the Navy but Scott and Autumn were  pretty impressed with the ship,
View down the street
John enjoying the sun

Yucca Tree


USS Midway
On desk of ship
Autumn and Scott
Scott feeling better

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Sandy Knecht said...

Nice pictures, Sandy. Scott sure is a tall drink of water. Nice looking couple they make. John sure looks like he was relaxed. I love San Diego too!