Friday, October 21, 2011


There are times when events in our lives leave me speechless. These past 3 weeks sure have knocked the wind out of our family and gave us a lot to think about. We all start to take our lives for granted and day by day we forget what really matters. For the first time in our almost 43 years of marriage, John ended up in the hospital. 3 weeks ago John passed out on the couch. After a frantic call to 911 and his refusal to admit anything was wrong, I knew I had my hands full. The next day he passed out again. Finally after a doctors visit, 3 tests and a visit to the specialist he was admitted to the hospital right from the specialists office! More test showed he was a prime candidate for a pacemaker. Amazing how a little jolt of extra juice make the ole guy bounce back to almost his old self again! He was awake through the surgery, came out smiling and laughing after telling the doctor our life story under some mild drugs to keep him comfortable. 2 days later he came home and while he is limited in what he is supposed to do, he sure looks a lot better! A few more hoops to jump to get him on the road to recovery but he is really looking great and says he is feeling a lot better!  I thank God he is doing so well. The doctors are totally amazed that he had not had a heart attack or worse!

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