Monday, June 20, 2011

Aunt Lorraine's move

John has a very special aunt who lives in FLorida and every year for about the past 10 years he has gone down to visit her for 2 weeks. Fun in the pool, flea markets, dinner out and just Florida relaxing. This year he went down earlier than usual as we suspected she was not really feeling well and didn't want to tell us exactly how difficult things were. The week before he was to leave she ended up in ER so he left right away and within 72 hours she made the decision to move into a Senior Residence, clean out the house, sell the house and sell, give away, donate or throw out what she no longer could use or wanted. John worked his butt off but got her moved. As luck would have it, a neighbor down the street came past the house and asked it it was for sale. Without a moments hesitation they bought the house! John's brother Bob went down to help with the final stages of cleaning out the house, they rented a truck and hauled quite alot of things back for 4 different families. Somethings replacing old worn out work horses like mixers, vaccuums, etc. some treasures to keep in the family and 3 much needed major appliances for Traci and Tim. Quite an undertaking all within a months time, and very emotional for Lorrie. She is settleing in and trying to get accusomted to her new apartment. Here are some photos of the wonderful new apartment Aunt Lorraine moved to. They handle all the cleaning, meals are served in style and lots of activities if she wants to be sociable. Glad she is settled into a place where she can get medical help if needed, have other people around and no work to wear her out. She holds a very special place in our hearts and while we wish she would come back north to be near us, she seems happy in sunny Florida. Love you Aunt Lorraine!

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