Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have not posted lately because a nastly little virus bug got my computer and printer and killed then both. After the funeral, I had to get the new ones set up and that seemed to take forever. Think all is well again. So, with that said...on to the winter of 2011 will do this all as one post to try to catch up.
Then Snuggles, our 9 year old minature poodle had to have surgery for a torn ligament in his leg and we are still nursing him back to health.

An Afternoon at Grammy and Pa's

Our sick little Snuggles after surgery for a torn ligament in his back leg

Snuggles feeling better

Valentine cards

1st birthday card

Hayden  & Jaxson
Photos taken by our daugther TK Photography

Fun time at Xtreme Trampolines
What a great place for a hour or 2 of fun!

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Karen W said...

Yeah, finally got to post some cards again, great job on those and I really like that cuttlebug folder in the pink one!!