Sunday, November 14, 2010

NorthWest Karate Tournament

Twice a year the karate school that our grandson, Hayden, belongs to has a tournament with all the local schools participating. Its like the recital after months of practice in classes. Hayden entered 3 events and did an awesome job on them all. He took 1st place in both form and self-defence and 2nd in sparring. All the kids receive participation trophies so no one goes home empty handed. its great fun to watch and amazing to see how far these kids have come. Later in the day the older kids and adults compete and there was even a 79 year old lady who is a black belt and was competing. They learn alot about self defence, stranger danger and self esteem.

This was the card I made for Hayden for these events

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Anonymous said...

WOW what great pictures about the special events for the very special people in your life, Sandy!! Love your blog:) Dale & Kay