Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Glad you stopped in to see my new format. It seems I am out of date and the "in" thing now is to have a blog. It is a great place to keep everyone up to date on what's happening in our lives and show you some of our family pictures and projects I am working on.I am trying to get motivated to work on the Christmas Letter, cards and shopping... yet here I sit. I am not a great shopping fan but have no ideas yet to do any Internet shopping. While we do have a couple items for the boys, We are along way from Santa getting here! Check back often for updates.

Germany Connections

I still keep in touch with many of the folks I went to high school with in Germany and maintain the address and emails lists for our class. Through all these years, many have remained good friends and I have had the chance to see them now and again. There are a few that have always been in my life and I do value their friendships. On their way thru our area, John and Cheryl Abrams stopped and we had lunch with them John lived across the street from me in Wiesbaden and I had not seen him in 45 years. In fact, I lost touch with him and was convinced that he had been lost to us
in Vietnam. What a surprise when I found him again. Connie Rieker Tway was in town with her hubby Dwayne, and we met for an extended lunch and had a wonderful visit. We both forgot to take any pictures! :( The next visitor was a total surprise! Penny Green Hissem had connived with John to surprise me and come in for a weekend visit. I don't think I have ever been that speechless! Penny is a very special friend and it was wonderful to have some quality time with her, but time went too fast! 2 weeks later, Susan Lawler Jacquet called and she and hubby Taiyo were going to be in town and so stopped to have a long lunch and catch up with each other. Susan has always made time when she is in the area for a visit and we have had some special moments. There has always been a special bond with friends from Germany, we were in a special place, at a time in our lives when all we had were each other. It's a lifelong bond that will never end. Penny once told me that in the military, we never say good. Thank Goodness! :)

Days of my Life

Most of my time is spent in my office/craft room trying to put on paper all the wonderuful new techniques, ideas and layouts that I have seen or been told about. Ever since I retired, I have become an advid stamper and love making cards. I belong to several groups and they all share thier art and ideas. Along the way I will be posting some of my attempts and cards. I will update these as I adjust this site more.

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Sandy Knecht said...

These scenes are really the best, Sandy. You have outdone yourself.